Richard Ingley Ministries

G od has called Richard Ingley to reach out to the lost of this world with the Words of everlasting life through Jesus Christ our Lord, He also arms to reach out to the church, sharing the promises of His Word, regardless of the size or location of the congregation.

G od is not a respecter of persons. His promises are to everyone, where ever they may be located, whatever congregation in which they may worship. Richard Ingley is committed to the responsibility to take God's Word to everyone he can reach.

T he most important thrust of this ministry is to share the promises of God's Word with the Church and to give people that do not know Him, an opportunity to become a part of His Church.

I t is very important to develop a balance in the life of each Christian. God has promised us great and wonderful things, if we take Him at His word. At the same time, God expects and tells us we are to allow Him to be Lord in all areas of our lives.

I ngley, says, "God has promised to supply all our needs, spiritually, physically and materially. The most important thing is that our spiritual needs are met. When that part of a person's life is where it needs to be in relationship with the Lord, the other two areas will fall into their proper place." He will do exactly as He says He will, meeting each need.

Created on ... December 20, 2003